45 licensed auto assembly plants in Nigeria; 3 are operational,others at different phases of completion




Jonathan’s government established National Automotive Design and Development Council(NADDC), and in 2014 the National Automotive Industry Development Plan was launched. In 2014, the government through NADDC awarded licenses for the establishment of 12 new vehicle assembly plants in the country. The companies who benefitted are automobile manufacturing giants such as Toyota, Honda, General Appliances West Africa, Perfection Motors Company, and Richbon Nigeria. The others are R.T. Briscoe Nigeria, Nigeria-China Manufacturing Company, Nigeria Sino Trucks, Coacharis Motors, DAG Motorcycle Industry Nigeria, Globe Motors Nigeria, Century Auto-Assembly Nigeria, and Concept Auto Centre. Nissan leads in vehicle assembly after new Nigeria automotive po clip_image004

The plants are expected produce a wide range of automobile products such as sport utility vehicles, passenger cars, pickup vans, buses, tricycles and motorcycles, among others.
The companies, have their corporate offices in Enugu and Lagos, by 2014, 3 of the companies were operational, the other plants are in different stages of completion.