It is no news that the PDP has been in opposition in the state for about eight years now, and we cannot as a party afford to stay another 8yrs in opposition as this may have a great damaging effect on the party. It is in light of this I have decided to put up this letter and have also decided to communicate through this letter as simple and clearly as possible for even an average reader. I wish to call on all party leaders and party delegates and make them understand that the shadows is nearly upon us, a deeper darkness than the Blackhole looms and hover round the party. Whether PDP will rise again or go into oblivion in the state now rests on the shoulders of the party leaders and delegates. The party’s future in Edo State is still yet uncertain. We are the ones to decide it, through the actions we take now and the decisions we make. Do we fold our arms and allow our beloved party go into oblivion and consigned to the scrap heap of history? Do we just sit and ignore the fact that even now Adams has just gotten himself richer with about 15billion Naira. That alone is capable of winning him the election considering the level of poverty, lack and greed which has be-deviled the state, a large percentage of it being perpetuated and perpetrated by Adams himself. With such financial backings, Adams might easily buy many of the electorate just as he did in the last state Assembly polls. This is going to spell doom for the state and her citizenry as well as the party!

It doesn’t have to be this way! There are some things however that money cannot buy. Money may buy you a bed for example but cannot buy you sleep. Edo people know this. A popular candidate will win an election against whatever financial power an opponent may have anytime or day. The Oshiomhole’s case is a quintessence of my postulation. He had no money to share in 2007 but he won anyway because he was popular and had a credible image amongst the populace. The case of Ortom the governor of Benue State is another example. The popularity of Ortom won him the governorship seat in Benue state. Ortom was denied the PDP ticket despite being the best and most popular aspirant. APC took advantage of his popularity and gave him the ticket. Today, he is the governor of Benue state. The only reason GEJ won Edo State in the last polls was his popularity. Every other efforts were secondary. Suffice it to say that a positive image, a positive popularity and credibility are the only virtues that can defeat money in Nigeria politics.

The party should not make the mistake of fielding a candidate with a negative image amongst the populace if the party truly wants to defeat Adams money politics and oratorical campaign or demagogy. The party may be rich enough to match Adams financial power, but will they have the oratory of deceit that he has? Will the party be able to convince the masses of Edo that Lucky’s administration was better than Adams? Who would the electorate decide to go with in such a case where they are presented with two evils, I trust they will go with the lesser evil which will be Adams candidate. However, in a situation where the electorate are provided the opportunity to choose between good and evil, they will have no choice than to choose good and that is where Chief Dr. Solomon Iyobosa Edebiri comes in. All our aspirants are good to go, but Solomon Edebiri remains the man with the best credibility and positive image amongst the populace. Give him the ticket and PDP is already 60percent sure of winning. That is what our opinion polls both online and offline have predicted and we may do well to respect it. Ignoring it is in our own peril.

PDP is now at the precipice and our quest now stand upon the edge of a knife. If it strays but a little, it will fall to the ruin of the party. This is a plea on the delegates not to allow money buy their conscience because I believe winning is our mutual goal. This is a test on true loyalty to the party. Would u rather consider your personal pockets and allow the PDP rot or would you sacrifice financial benefits for the party which you so vehemently claim to be loyal? We have said a lot, it is time for us to act. You said you love PDP can you act on it? It is not that you love your pockets less, but that you love the party more. Had u rather you gratify yourselves and we die all slaves in the hands of Adams or that you deny yourselves and we live all freemen. Besides the party, consider the interest of the good people of Edo state whom you have been delegated to represent their voices. Do you want them to languish in another eight years in the hands of Adams? Does the heavy taxation not bother you? Does the lies hypocrisy and deceits not drive you insane? Are you ok with the state of unemployment in the State? How many of these will I mention that you already are not aware of? If the PDP must win Edo State come 2016, we must be willing to sacrifice our personal interest on the altar of the greater good. The future of Edo state and PDP now rests in your hands. You have all the power now to make the difference, what are you going to do with it? I leave us to our conscience. There is no adversary so great, no accuser so terrible as the conscience that dwells in the heart of every man. The spirit of our foolish deeds will always haunt us with or without repentance.

Thank you for your time.

John Ewah