APC, an Association of Con Artistes and Liars, by John Ewah




“Turning and turning in the widening gyre,
The falcon cannot hear the falconer,
Things fall apart the centre cannot hold,
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”(W.B. Yeats)

If only the falcon paid heed to the falconer; If only Nigerians listened to us!

Willfully turning aside from the truth is treason to oneself. A party founded upon lies instead of an ideology has nothing but lies to deliver to the good masses of the state and in a bid to defend their lies, they will certainly lose their common sense and turn critics in their own defense.

From the onset I have always disagreed with the concept APC. It has always been a concept to me. It was never real. An All Progressive Congress does not exist in Nigeria as the nomenclature stands. There is no ‘progressive congress’ in the 21st Century that will present a 73 year old illiterate man as a presidential candidate in a country like Nigeria where about 70% of her population is made up of youth and lots of literate minds.

Let me take our minds to those we may consider as the founding fathers of APC, the likes of Tinubu, Buhari, Atiku and the likes. These are men whose reputations are dented like a sack in mud and who in very civilized societies and in the developed world, would hide their heads in shame because their generation has failed. But unfortunately, Nigeria still has so many persons gullible to deceit and hypocrisy and who could be easily deceived by smokescreens presented to them by the demagogues of this country.

Through the use of the press and the social media these criminals were able to make the very gullible Nigerians (who are the majority of course) disbelieve the evidence of their own eyes. They told them that they have embraced change. They bought their hearts with empty promises; promises to water the city and fire the town. They even promised to build them bridges were there are no rivers. They promised to make oases spring up in deserts. They promised them the fantasy of an Eldorado and many of my dear Nigerians were left in incommunicado.

Nigerians could no longer speak up. They began to look forward to that perfect city whose builder and maker is God himself just as they were promised. These hypocrites became their knights in shinning armour even as they failed to realize that they live in a world where knights do not exist anymore.

It is a justifiable paradox that people will believe a lie because they want it to be true or are afraid it might be true, and because passion will usually have supremacy over reason for better or worse, many Nigerians fell into the woven net of the greatest gathering of con artistes Nigeria has ever known in recent times called APC.

As soon as they assumed power the song changed. Nigerians were taken aback when they began to deny their promises. They told us the president never made those promises, the party did. It was the highest mortal mockery ever. They promised to make PMS N45, provide our young ones with lunch in public schools, increment in corps members allowance, the list is endless and we are still waiting for them to deliver on those promises which I know will hardly be.

From the slogan ‘Change’ they switched to ‘Patience’. I have no problem with being patient. Nigerians have no problem with patience but that was not what they promised. They promised a spontaneous and an instantaneous change as soon as they assume power during their campaigns.

I expected the president on the day of his inauguration to have picked up the microphone and declare that PMS from that instant would be sold at N45, that corps members allowance has been upgraded to forty thousand Naira, and that from the next day our children in public schools shall begin to get free lunch, at least that’s easy to do!

That was the mindset they created amongst Nigerians, why now preaching patience? That was what they made Nigerians believe during their campaigns! You never told us that patience existed in you dictionaries during your campaigns. You said you were a Deus Ex Machina. You did not tell Nigerians the truth but presented lies to us. Now that we hold you to your promises , you have begun to lie about your own lies!

I fear more alibis will keep arising from the lips of these hypocrites until their tenure ends. The only achievement they would have succeeded in presenting to us would be more alibis and then Nigerians will truly know the content of the character of those who called themselves progressives, they will understand that this was never a party but a mince made in hell and the face of pure evil.


But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep (Robert Frost)