Buhari’s US visit and why the skepticism


by Kingsley Ahanonu

There are insinuations that top on the agenda of President Muhammadu Buhari’s scheduled meeting with his United State’s counterpart, Barack Obama, on Monday would be on the burning issue of same sex marriage and affiliations. The seething supposition is that the United State would, through President Obama, seeks to make an imposition on the Nigerian President to repeal the already accented anti-gay law and make homosexuality a norm.

One may begin to wonder why such concern and such heavy fear that has drown other much more important issues that could probably be on the table into this rather insignificant concern. The issue about same-sex marriage has been overblown especially in Nigeria. It is not as if its LGBT community seeks to practice the much feared same sex marriage per se. But just to show how detesting the majority of them view this issue, it has become a problem vividly invested to show how best they can whip sentiments around.

To common observation, what the gay community seeks here primarily isto be afforded the opportunity to exercise their right to choice without interference. However, in denying them this and to be favourably appealed to, many Nigerians find it expedient to bolster
same with more opprobrious invention.

To see how most Nigerians perceive the issue of same set as anathema beats the conscious scrutiny. One thing is remarkable: that the majority of the most populous black nation on earth does not perceive this ‘alien orientation’ as any right worth any consideration; they see it as criminal and a cringe of insanity. The very reason why it has to impose, and in more draconian frame, their antithetical posture even before the idea breeds within their shore. The anti-gay legislation, condemnable on its own, was one act that merely reimbursed the already sizzling homophobia.

Nigerians see themselves as the torch-bearer of the African people and the ones on whom it behooves to stand and defend the very African culture from all foreign contamination.
Homosexuality is one of such; and such a lugubrious desecration. So, it was an effort in
exhibitionism that Nigeria out of uncalled necessity hurriedly took upon itself the task to make legal stamp against homosexuality and all associated recognition.

The visit of Buhari to America, the hotbed of homosexuality freedom
became heightened with hysterics for the same reason of overzealousness -more so at this point in time. To more than 90% of Nigerians, it calls for anxiety. The fear: one card that would be
definitely placed on the table by Emperor America would not be far from a replication of the ‘groundbreaking’ Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.

The issue might crop up and the U.S. might as well suggest a review of this law that seemed to have received wider acclaim, locally. And to that I ask what’s fussy about it? What is such an issue as to become a seemingly national anxiety that a nation would seek to inveigh its
view on what it perceives as right on another nation it holds as having erred?

Nigeria has erred and in such a momentous scale. By her accent to a law which at best is draconian and indignifying, she has openly indicated how so crumbling she is on the scale of human right and value.

It hence suggests how direly in need is such a nation to subtle redirection to what it’s clearly shown to be disconnected from. If the U.S. through its chief executive seeks to step in to make this needed correction, why not. Why should it be a case as to be bothering?

There are streaming viciation as to why the United State’s government would shamelessly wish to replicate by imposition its ‘indignifying stray to subhumanistic and unnatural conundrum’ by its avowal of same sex marriage upon Nigeria nay Africa. Many of individuals with such view have pleaded and strongly made the affirmation to resist any such drive to impose what is considered as alien and totally deviant to the African culture.

But is that what the United States, by their constant appeal for the review of anti-gay laws and the provision of level-playing ground to socialize and interrelate by people with same-sex adulation, suggest?
Is same-sex predilection unAfrican and unnatural as postulated? We know these are all erroneous and self-seeking postulations, which the holders of such have, by their imperviousness to grandstanding reason, refused to accede to.

These are such barbaric and inhibiting stances which seek to subjugate the rights of other individuals, co-equal and who should have similar right to live and pursue values but who a section of the society, for their massiveness and power seek to undermine.

By this unconscious resolve to subjugation, the larger society make a strong statement of the denial of the rights to human purpose and existence to this individuals at their mercy-ends.

Obviously, this is what Mr. Obama and other western leaders are trying hard to correct. By calling on the Nigerian government to respect the rights of its LGBT community, the U.S. and her likes are asking Nigeria to realize the often dismissed fact of the presence of individuals with homosexual predilection. It is saying that even as much as she can’t creditably deny their presence, it would be commonsensically fair to accord them the needed recognition in giving
them the same space to live out peaceably. However, the very root in harmonious expression of deep values is what the existing anti-gay law stifles- now strongly with an obvious ‘constitutional fiat’.

Does it require the U.S. or any other government to make Nigeria realize this underlying but superimposed truth? If it does, I sincerely do not think there is anything wrong with calling this
nation back to reason by whoever feels impelled to do so. And if it is Mr. Obama, why the apprehensions.

Ahanonu Kingsley writes from Owerri, Nigeria

Courtesy Vanguard

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