I believe personality should precede party consideration when choosing who to succeed Adams Oshiomhole. Individuals’ abilities, antecedents and preparedness of candidates should form the major consideration for choosing our next governor.

Come 2016, the good people of Edo State have a date with history. It will be totally undiscerning and lumpish for anyone to decide whom to vote based on a candidate’s party membership. We have APC states where governors have either performed or failed to perform just as we have PDP states where governors also have performed or failed to perform.

At this time of our political growth, all political parties seem to be the same, there is no clear-cut ideologies. They merely serve as vehicles for individuals to actualize their political aspirations. And because there is no clear-cut demarcation in terms of ideologies and methods, people find it very easy to oscillate between any two dominant political parties.
For instance, the following five gubernatorial aspirants in APC were members of PDP just before the presidential election; Prof Oseriemen Osunbor, Gen. Charles Arhiavbere, Kenneth Imasuagbon, Engr. Chris Ogiemwonyi, Prof Ebegue Amadasun and even the deputy governor was in PDP during his eight years at the house of reps. In the same vein, Chief Solomon Iyobosa Edebiri , Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu and Sen. Ehigie Edobor Uzamere were all founding members of APC. They are all aspirants on the platform of the PDP as of today.

Now, can one be really right to discard one party and accept the other when all the major players oscillate between the parties? Would it not be more matured and informed to consider aspirants on personal basis rather than on the basis of political parties which of course do not have clear-cut and realistic ideologies? As a result of the absence of ideologies among political parties in Nigeria, most candidates therefore come to the table with their personal agenda and manifesto and the populace cannot but support the candidate with the best political agenda or master plan for the citizenry irrespective of the political platform such a candidate seeks to get a running ticket.

Edo be real to know that aspirant who has well articulated, documented and realistic blueprints to turn Edo state around for good. Edo be real to know the aspirant who has not tainted his name politically. Edo be real to our future generations by selecting the aspirant who is a “wealth builder” rather than “wealth consumer”. Edo be real to know the aspirant who has bathed in the aqua of corporate governance and global best practices which is the bedrock of sustainable development.

Edo be real…!!! Edo for Edebiri. #E4E Signed:

Avann Harvey.