Politics the most deceptive game ever. Politics is defined by some as all activities directly or indirectly related to the seizure and use of State powers. Some define it as a war without bloodshed. Over the years there have been countless definitions of politics, most borne out of erroneous beliefs and practices.

There are those who we might refer to as conservatives in this world of politics who believe that the status quo must remain. But for renaissance writers like some of us, renaissance in thoughts, speech and deeds we believe the status quo has always changed over the years and it keeps changing as everything is subject to change.

There are those who have accrued much powers to themselves than they should wield in a bid to secure their political positions, structures and the need to enrich themselves with the Commonwealth of the people. There are those who believe that violence must be applied if one must gain power, in which case a line must then be drawn between violence and force.

Newton’s third law of motion if I’m to paraphrase states that a body would remain in a perpetual state of rest until force is applied. To me this force could be internal or external or possibly both.

In the case of Edo 2016 gubernatorial elections what is needed to be applied is force not necessarily violence. Violence only bears the fruits of destruction. For all those clamouring for ‘ruggedity’ and violence in toppling the present administration in the state, suffice it to say that when the chips are down, it is your blood or that of your children that would be shed not that of our politicians. Most of them already have their children flown abroad in respect of the forth coming Edo 2016 governorship poll. It gives verity to the ancient proverb that the ground suffers when two elephants slug it out.

I have always been known to associate with my type because according to Ralph Waldo Emmerson, if we are related, we shall meet. The last time I heard Chief Dr. Solomon Edebiri speak, he said to the audience amongst whom were women and men “in this forth coming elections, none of your children will die, none of us politicians will succeed in using your children to perpetrate violence while our children are cooling off abroad ”. This is why I love this practical politician with a conscience and with truth on his lips.

The wind has violence, but the more it tries to blow a man’s coat off him, the more the man hold the coat on to himself. The sun uses force, a kind of force that when the heat of the sun has become too intense on a man, he willingly takes off his own coat.

For Edo 2016, we the people of Edo must be willing to apply such a force as exemplified by the sun in salvaging our dear state. The type that will leave the ruling party and all those planning to shed innocent blood for self gratification, no choice but to take off their coat because of the heat emanating from the masses of the state in our cry and demand for freedom and peace of mind; in our efforts to understand ourselves, our society and the world we live in; in our quest to find order and unity in the multiplicity and diversity that surrounds us; in our attempt to find answers to the riddles of unemployment, heavy taxation, embezzlement of public funds by government officials, highhandedness, economic collapse etcetera which has engulfed the state under the draconian APC regime in the state as led by Adams.

The time has come for Edos to apply that force which will cover the necessary distance to produce voluntary results, only then, can ‘Work’ be said to have been done.

The formula never changes
Work = Force X Distance.

For work to be done, force must be applied and distance must be covered. All we need as a weapon is the heat emanating from the masses.

Now is the time for the masses to apply that force. Our communal force will defeat whatever violence from any group. Remember all through history there have always been tyrants and evil doers and at some point they seemed invincible, but in the end they always fall. Nothing is unachievable or insurmountable. Sometimes your idea may seem crazy, but only the people who were crazy enough to believe they could change the world, actually did change the world.


John Ewah