Remembering President Goodluck Jonathan in the context of Yahaya Jammeh of the Gambia.


Uzamere 2

By Senator Ehigie Uzamere

I have been following events in the Gambia as they unfold. A Presidential election was held and a winner and a loser emerged. The incumbent president accepted defeat, congratulated the incoming President and I’m sure Gambians heaved a sigh of relief over concluded elections and were looking forward to an inauguration. Definitely they were not anticipating insecurity and bloodletting which may come, as Jammeh reneged on his acceptance of defeat.

Our dear country and other West African countries have dispatched their military to the Gambia to ensure that Jammeh leaves office. There is likely to be fatalities. And I ask: Is Jammeh’s cling to power worth the blood of citizens of the Gambia or that of West African military men that may be shed in the process of removing him from stubborn cling to power? Definitely not.

This brings to mind, our electoral experience of 2015. Every passing day, brings Nigerians to the stark reality of what President Jonathan did to ensure peace in the nation. Elsewhere in Africa, some of his contemporaries are on a joyride to spill the blood of their citizens in a quest to remain in office.

We have to appreciate ex- President Goodluck Jonathan for his conscience and godliness, and in keeping to his word that his continued stay in office, was not worth the shedding of any blood. We hope and pray that African leaders will learn not to cling to power, accept defeat so that the continent may know peace. For without peace, there cannot be meaningful growth and progress.

Today, we should celebrate Goodluck Jonathan for putting the nation above self and above political/ethnic leanings. I’m sure there are many of his kinsmen, friends, cronies and appointees who daily wish he clung to power at whatever cost, so that they not only remain in the corridors of power, but also continue to amass wealth. May the seamless transfer of power we witnessed in 2015, continue.

In God I trust.
Senator Ehigie Uzamere, ksc