That the Edo Woman May Multiply Without Tears: Edebiri’s Passion for Edo Mothers




Mahatma Gandhi says “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver ”

Any government that intends to create wealth through the building of industries, employment creation, revamping of the educational sector, resuscitation of small and medium scale enterprises and other means, that neglect the health of its populace, is headed for doom, destination unknown.

More disturbing is the issue of maternal mortality. Pregnant Mothers go into the labour ward bidding their family members goodbyes because they are unsure of their return. This is because they can’t vouch for proper care and attention from our medical personnel neither can they rely on the poor health facilities available in our hospitals.

Some countries of the world are on the verge of making strict legislation on maternal mortality and that a doctor’s certificate be withdrawn should a woman die in labour under the doctor’s watch.

These countries understand how much they put into improving their health system and the provision of good health facilities. A woman in labour has no cause to die if handled by a well trained obstetrician with good health facilities available unless in exceptional cases.

Nigeria or Edo State cannot think of making such legislation not to even dream of it. What have our governments invested so far in the health sector, particularly in child delivery. I have had the personal experience of driving all night seeking a hospital that would admit a pregnant woman in labour because government hospitals were on strike. It was pitiful!

Cases like these more often than not result in still-birth. What happens to a foetus in the womb that cannot be delivered because there are no doctors or nurses available to attend and tend to the foetus and its mother. Either the foetus dies in the womb or both the foetus and it’s mother die.

We cannot continue like this. We need a change and that change we need is Chief Dr. Solomon Iyobosa Edebiri. He will declare a state of emergency on our health sector come 2016 when he is sworn in as governor of Edo State. He will invest in the health sector as to produce enormous benefits to the populace.

We cannot continue to create new ways of celebrating mediocrity. What we see in the health sector in Nigeria and Edo State in particular is nothing short of a show of shame. We cannot rely on a government that erects a hospital structure for more than 7years. We cannot rely on a blast from the past who has contributed immensely to the dilapidated state of infrastructures (health et al ) we now see in Edo State. Power has to change hands.

“most of our rich people go abroad for medical care. If they should leave overseas after receiving medical care there and walk, just walk through the corridors of our local hospitals, I fear they will be readmitted”(Dr. Edebiri Paraphrased ).

“For me it is a rescue mission… I’m here to solicit your support as partners in turning the fortunes of our state around for better… I am here to make all pains and sufferings we have hitherto experienced in the past go away… I bring you good tidings and promise you light at the end of the tunnel “(Dr. Edebiri )


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John Ewah