The Change We Want: Edo Here Comes the Redeemer We Want By odion omokhudu



The Independent National Electoral Commission has released the election time table for Edo State Gubernatorial Election 2016. The tenure of incumbent Governor Adams Aliu Oshiomhole comes to an end technically on September 10th 2016 when Edolites will elect a new occupant for Osadebey Avenue. That elected candidate will be sworn in on November 12th 2016.

Many in the PDP are quick to conclude that, that day marks the ‘funeral’ of the APC in Edo State. Yet, in hanging on to that assumption, certain factors must be taken into consideration.

I am also of the view that the days of the APC in Edo State is numbered but only if the right candidate is nominated by the PDP. There are four categories of persons whose views must be taken and respected as the PDP embarks in nominating her candidate;
1. The Ordinary PDP members
2. The disgruntled and disappointed members of the APC in the politics of imposition by the Adams Oshiomole’s led APC.
3. The Edo State Government
4. The over ninety percent of electorates; who are the real kings and Queens of this game called politics.

It is not questionable that more than eighty percent of ordinary PDP members want the candidacy of Chief Solomon Iyobosa Edebiri Ph.D, D.Sc, (Jp) mon as their preferred candidate. The popular question “He is the most credible aspirant of all in both PDP\APC and will make a good governor but will PDP give him the ticket?” attest to the popularity and trust this group(s) of persons have for his person.

The leadership of PDP must listen to this group(s) of persons if they hope to win the elections and bounce back to power!!!

There is also the group of disgruntled, annoyed and disenfranchised APC members. This group of persons are sitting on the fence, waiting for the PDP primaries. Should the PDP get it right and nominate Chief DR. Solomon Edebiri, they will fall into the PDP and ensure electoral victory for the PDP. Thus APC will lose not less than 70 % of their members excluding mostly the political appointees who must have food on their table!!! If unfortunately the reverse is the case (God forbid), they will prefer to remain where they are and fight the unwanted anointed candidate to a standstill…Electoral defeat!!!

Another group is the Edo State Government. The Adams Aliu Oshiomhole’s government has become more jittery than ever at the possibility of a Solomon Edebiri’s candidacy. Their not admitting it publicly but in private is strategic. Who states his fears in public? All their deceptive declare of fear for a particular PDP aspirant is aimed at fooling the PDP into making a wrong choice who will be an easy meat for them to chew.

However, apart from the fact that their foot soldiers who in ignorance makes statements like ‘why did he (Edebiri) opt out of the merger that gave birth to APC in Edo State, he would have been our candidate if he had remained in the APC etc. The government has quickly drafted one Godwin Obaseki who they feel has not been stained politically like Edebiri as possible reply to a likely Edebiri’s candidacy when Edebiri is eventually nominated.

Very credible intelligence information at our disposal indicates that the government is hell bent on stopping the emergence of Edebiri as PDP Gubernatorial candidate in collaboration with a certain family who feel Edo State is theirs for the taking anytime. What a shame!

Having failed so far, other aspirants have been approached with monies to help stop this enigma of our time. Thankfully again, Chief Edebiri’s co-aspirants have rejected these Greek gift as noble men preferring to swim or sink (God forbid) with the PDP. Edo PDP leaders know this and must beware of the antics of this government.

The last but not the least and by far the most important are the Kings and the queens of the electoral process; the general public cum electorates. This is where Chief Edebiri enjoys the most patronage, love, loyalty and political advantage. He enjoys a cult figure with these group of persons and the PDP will be shooting itself on the foot should these group of persons be ignored in their choice of candidacy.

Students, market women, artisans, men, women and youths simply adore and trust this man Chief Edebiri. They simply see him as their own and that is why all the negative rumours, political assassination and the popular ‘ Pull Him Down (PhD) syndrome employed by his opponents have no effect on his soaring popularity.

Thankfully, Chief Edebiri has continued to ignore these ignoble actions preferring rather to focus on the more important task ahead, redeeming the Edo people. These group of persons are the ultimate deciders of who occupies the seat of Governor come this redeemable year,2016.

The recent PDP State sensitization rally under the leadership of Chief Dan Orbirh where Chief Edebiri had near perfect showing in 14 out of the 18 Local Government Areas of Edo State attests to the popularity of this people’s General. Again, ignoring these group of persons will be the begining of a decent burial for Edo PDP(God forbid)
In conclusion, I must state the following;
1. When an aspirant is a subject of fake and unsubstantiated negative discussion, negative rumours and Pull him down syndrome (PHD) in public, then that candidate is the one to beat.
2. Edo South, after nominations determines who becomes Governor with their verifiable documented 60% of the voting population.

Chief Lucky Nosakhare Igbinedion was very popular outside the zone in his National Republican Convention days in is quest to become the first executive Governor of Edo State. He led current National Chairman of the APC; Chief John Odigie Oyegun with over 1000 votes when the Edo North and Central results were collated but lost by 13000 votes when Edo South’s result, where Chief Oyegun led by 14000 votes. No force was able to stop the will of the people. Edo PDP must look back and learn from history. The era of an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth is gone because there are no eyes or tooth to be lost. Nobody is ready to donate his vital organs or lose his or her life for another who will thereafter enjoy the privilege of being elected.

We are in the era of digital evolution, digital applications and card readers were the people are the KINGS and the QUEENS. Who else does the cap fit other than Chief Solomon Iyobosa Edebiri PhD, D. SC, (JP) MON popularly known as digital Solo for The Change We Want in this Redemption Year of 2016?

It is PDP; Power to The People! PDP; Listening to the cries of the People!! PDP; ISE 2016!!!

Omokhudu O. Odion
Ag. Director, Media and Publicity
ISE 2016.