When an Illiterate Rules, by John Ewah




The Nigerian stock market is in shambles, the economy is dwindling and crumbling, banks are retrenching workers, just because an illiterate who does not understand the rudiments of creating a viable economy, coerced Nigerians into giving him power with the threats of soaking dogs and baboons in blood.

I do not even know if the guy knows who or what JP Morgan is. Maybe he even thinks JP Morgan is one of those lobbying for a ministerial position. There is no telling the extent of his naivety and illiteracy.

When Goodluck Jonathan was in power Nigeria was ranked the third fastest growing economy in the world and as one of the leading destinations for investors and investments. Let us watch out for the next rating and wait for the outcome if after a hundred days the banking sector which is a viable tool for the economic growth of any nation or society, is already retrenching workers.

They once promised to make a Dollar equal to a Naira. I see they are doing a good job of fulfilling that promise or worst still, crumbling it themselves.

The Nigerian economy is at a precipice of destruction courtesy the Dragon Lord himself. They are just too arrogant to seek counsel from one of the finest ministers of finance and coordinating minister of the economy Nigeria has seen these past years. Instead they choose to blackmail and call her all sort of names and set up various propaganda to tarnish her image as well as that of the government she represented because she refused them loans.

The worst kind of arrogance is arrogance in ignorance. what they planned for was war not leadership. They never planned winning the elections. They thought it was going to be business as usual and then unleash violence. but Goodluck Jonathan proved them wrong and gave them power on a platter of gold, now, they are so confused.

To divert or divergate attention from their incompetence, they have unleashed their oratorical puppet and stooge, Saruman in the guise and disguise of a comrade, who has a diarrhoea of the mouth or if you please, call it logorrhoea, to just keep assassinating the characters and reputations of all those who served under the previous administration with all sorts of lies not caring whose ox is being gored, with the hope of getting approval for acquiring a 15billion Naira loan from the world bank as compensation for all his troubles, while Lord Sauron sits on Mount Doom, playing an incorruptible judge and inventing all sorts of names ranging from probe to asset declaration, as a smokescreen to disguise his true self which is characterised by ethnic chauvinism, religious jingoism and fanaticism, nepotism and and worst of all, illiteracy.

In the end why complain. We voted them. we needed change and we got one. So no hard feelings.

When you have an illiterate in power that is what happens.